Swimmer Boys and Food Network

Day 3 of workout mania was a success. I feel as though I like it... I just need to keep telling myself to eat only good things. I was watching Food Network today during the workout and had to change the channel cause all I could think about was burgers. Which is bad #1 because it is not healthy and #2 because I gave up meat for lent. So instead, I watched the swimmers swim in the pool.

Now interesting fact, I used to swim. Also, I coach swimming. So, I watch all of these kids swim and I pick out the ones that were in fact on swim team, and then check out their bodies, and then begin a little crush. Well, the trouble lies in the fact that I know all of the people that are any good at swimming here at CU. Boo. How am I going to meet my future swimmer husband if there are none here? I guess I will have to go to an away game.

Happy Wednesday night!

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