A few things have happened this week that have shown me that I really want to live differently. I go to a school in a very Liberal town, where everyone is all about recycling and Tom's shoes. This however does not mean that the students are liberal. I would actually dare to say that about 60% are very very conservative. This 60% holds me...

I have come to realize through my time at school how conservative I really am. I originally thought I was a democrat. When I registered to vote, I was sure I was going to be all about Obama. Then, I started reading things about economic policies on both sides, about health care on both sides, and about other things. Slowly, I started realizing that although socially I tend to be more liberal, my future really counted on conservative ideals. So with that, I developed a love for John McCain and Mitt Romney and wanted nothing more than for them to lead the country. 

Fast forward to college, where I have become more and more conservative. I am proud of our troops, proud of the war we are fighting, highly against healthcare reform, and believe that everyone should have to work for their money, not be given it. 

I think that my obsession with the Royal Wedding and weddings in general also come back to my conservative views. I love the thought of being a wife and taking care of my husband. I want nothing more than to marry a southern gentleman who loves his family and wants me to stay at home and keep house. 

So, last night, when Osama bin Laden was killed, I was elated. So proud of us as a country. I truly felt that it was a joint effort of many people that helped this come to fruition. I felt proud to be an American, proud of those who serve, proud of the president who started the war, and proud of the president who was able to kill the man who killed so many. 

But then, something happened. I have a friend who is abroad. We tend to not share political views at all. She, in general, hates America, hates what we stand for, hates what we have become. She loves that Obama is president, wants healthcare reform, loves unions, and many other things. And she basically called me stupid for being proud of the United States. 

So I just wanted to put out my feelings that are longer than a twitter post or a facebook status:

I am so happy that men and women from many countries have come together to help fight terrorist groups. Everyone has worked so hard, and although many have died, many continue to fight (including my cousins! so proud!!!). I am proud that we can come together as more than a nation. Yes, I did make a facebook book post about America! Winning! but that is becuase it was the UNITED STATES that killed the worst man in the world, and it is the UNITED STATES that can call it a win. So while I did not acknowledge that other people were involved, they have been from the beginning. However, I think that it is so warranted to be proud. As a country, we have been able to come together, because whether you are conservative or liberal, the World Trade Center attacks somehow affected you. You may not personally know someone who died, but the country is small, and there are people everywhere that were affected. Your neighbors, your classmates, everyone. So yes, I am proud of America. I am not embarrassed by the excessive celebration because we deserve it. And yes, I am saying we. Our soldiers and our president are nothing short of a picture of us and what we are in this country. 

I will stand tall and remain proud, not matter what others say. When there is someone who is questioning why, I will tell them why. Because I am simply proud :)