A Catch Up

So it has been awhile... Life just kinda got in the way. I have been keeping up on my diet and on my workouts, even though sometimes I get a little sidetracked. But overall it has been going well.

However, it has been quite a dramatic couple of weeks. It is stuff that actually effects me, my position in my house, and my future there next year, so it has been hard. It has been difficult because people who don't know what is actually going on are making up stories and causing drama that is unnecessary.

I would like to think that my life is kind of a cosmic joke. Like God is looking down at me and saying "what other curve balls can I give her?" Because a lot of stuff has happened that really does not make me happy, and would, in reality, cause a lot of other people to break. However, I keep trucking. I just need something really great to happen soon. Granted, things are not all bad! I have awesome friends and family, I am excited for my future, I have a job (even though it doesn't pay much) and I have many opportunities ahead of me. Its just that a lot of stuff is just kind of messed up. I have gone through personal tragedy, I have gone through school problems, I have suffered depression. And then I sit here and think, when are the things I want to happen going to? When am I going to be able to obtain my goals? Am I ever going to meet a guy that I want to be with?

As it looks now, some things are grim. I don't know that I will get into nursing school. I may have to go get my masters somewhere. It could be YEARS AND YEARS before I go to medical school. So, with that, I really just have to think that God is humoring me. He is sitting up there having a blast watching me suffer a little bit, make a fool of myself on a regular basis, and simply just live. I am sure I am pretty amusing to watch. This has been a great comedy show, but now its time to RomCom a little. Maybe along the lines of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Where they all fall in love and find men and go to awesome colleges? That would be nice.