Today was a big day.

1. I had a test that I ROCKED. thank goodness. I love a morale boost
2. I got scores back from a test I thought I failed and I didn't! In fact I did wayyyy better than I expected.
3. I got my dream volunteer position. I get to volunteer at The Children's Hospital where I someday want to make my mark as a medical professional.

What a day. I can't wait for 75 degree weather tomorrow!

Ohh I love chrysanthemums



So, this last week I lost 4 pounds :)

I am so happy that I have something to show for the work I have been doing. 

It is off to a great start! 

Can't wait to be a skinny mini.


A little Slip Up...

So yesterday was not a good day on the diet front. It wasn't terrible, but I chose to go out and 16 weight watchers points later, here I am. I also made the mistake of getting a bad meal at Panera. I fixed it today by staying low on my points, but I didn't work out today. Oh well. You live, you learn. 

I guess the only thing I can say is that I really still need to watch what my priorities are. Is it necessary to drink? No. Did I need the tomato soup at Panera? No. I should have made better decisions.

Tomorrow is my first official weigh in. I can only hope that some weight is gone!!!


So Today...

I figure I should probably give some background on myself

  • I am a 21 year old 
  • I am studying Integrative Physiology in Boulder
  • I want to be in the medical field. To be exact, I really want to be a doctor, but I am going to have to take a roundabout way to get there.
  • I love the sunshine and warmth
  • I love to drive my car
  • I lifeguard to make some extra cash 
  • I love water 
  • I went from a 9 practice a week swimmer to doing absolutely nothing when I got to college
  • I love nail polish
  • and weddings
  • and magazines
  • and blogs
  • and photography
  • I watch Jersey Shore religiously. and Top Chef.
  • In my fake life I would like to work at Starbucks and live in a cute little apartment somewhere near the water, but thats not really very conducive to the luxurious lifestyle I also hope to lead someday.
  • I enjoy going out but....
  • I also enjoy staying in.
  • I am a morning person.
  • I love my sisters!


So I am in the market for a new digital camera. I would really like a dslr, however I AM in college and need something a little more practical.

Any suggestions for something not too expensive and little would be welcome :)



So Fridays are my favorite days. I love that I have class late and that when I leave, the sun is always shining. The shopping trip and stop at Starbucks made it even better. 

My obsession is actually a goal. I REALLY want to be a Starbucks gold card member. I have been trying my hardest, getting coffee everytime there is money on my registered card. Want to know what you get when you are a Starbucks gold card member? A gold card. With your NAME ON IT. I would be so honored. So, thats the goal. It should be pretty easy to accomplish. 

I didn't work out today... I was so sore from my hike yesterday. Wow wow wow. I am out of shape. But that will surely change! 

How could you not want one of these?



So today I went hiking. I'm not usually a hiker. I don't really like getting dirty. But it was balmy 65 today and it sounded amazing to go hike the flatirons. The picture above was the view from there. I really like being active. I just have trouble getting myself up and going. I also had my first eating out on this diet experience. We went to qdoba. My meal was 3 Weight Watchers points! It was great. I can't wait to keep being active and getting in shape. It is finally my time. I need to make myself have the life I want and part of that life is being fit.

This morning...

This Thursday morning feels so refreshing!

It is a sunny day in Boulder already, leading me to believe it will be a day to sit out and get a tan.

I am also looking forward to my workout. It may only be day 4, but I already feel like this time is different than the last.

Some things I am looking forward to today:
Only having one class
Swimming for exercise
Basking in the warmth of the sun
Walking to starbucks for homework time

Have you seen Starbucks new cups? I love them. Very modern.


Swimmer Boys and Food Network

Day 3 of workout mania was a success. I feel as though I like it... I just need to keep telling myself to eat only good things. I was watching Food Network today during the workout and had to change the channel cause all I could think about was burgers. Which is bad #1 because it is not healthy and #2 because I gave up meat for lent. So instead, I watched the swimmers swim in the pool.

Now interesting fact, I used to swim. Also, I coach swimming. So, I watch all of these kids swim and I pick out the ones that were in fact on swim team, and then check out their bodies, and then begin a little crush. Well, the trouble lies in the fact that I know all of the people that are any good at swimming here at CU. Boo. How am I going to meet my future swimmer husband if there are none here? I guess I will have to go to an away game.

Happy Wednesday night!


This explains everything I'm trying these days...

“the best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. no apologies or excuses. no one to lean on, rely on, or blame. the gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. this is the day your life really begins.
bob moawad

Day 2

Oh the temptation.

My house is always cooking something fatty. I actually have to tell myself no. Last night was puppy chow night. My favorite. I fought the urge so badly and proudly, did NOT give in! 

So proud of myself. I know its only been two days but I feel renewed already.

Some inspiration:


The definition of me...

I believe
  • In driving with the windows down
  • In appreciating the little things, like open windows
  • In painting your nails all sorts of colors
  • That baking can cure a bad day
  • That nothing beats the smell and sound of Starbucks
  • That you have to have the cold days to appreciate the warm ones
  • That everyone looks better with a tan
  • In having a favorite pair of shoes and wearing them. Everyday. (My are my rainbows. How could I resist the way the fit my feet?)
  • That getting stuff accomplished in the day deserves a reward
  • In having nights where you hang out with your friends and don't do anything fantastic.
  • That being busy is so much better than being bored
  • That blondes really DO have more fun (I have proof of this too. I am much more fun as a blonde than as a brunette)
  • In walking my puppy and teaching him to love the watet
  • That swimming is the only workout where I can take time to only think about what I am doing right then and there
  • That the human body is AMAZING. (Don't believe me? Take a course in immunology. It is not a coincidence that we are made the way we are)
  • That a photograph can speak volumes, especially film photography
I love Jose Villa so much.

And with that, I leave you.

Some of the favorites...

 Photo by Elliott Erwitt. It is one of my favorites. How dreamy this couple's love is

I love listening to music. There is something so peaceful about being in a world with just the noise of music in it. I love to put on music in the morning while I clean and put on my makeup. I love to listen to music while doing homework. I love listening to music to energize me to go out. But my all time favorite time to listen to music is in my clean car, with all of the windows down and the sun shining, giving me a nice tan. I love it when I am not wearing any makeup, but a tank top and nike shorts and rainbow flip flops and my favorite aviators. I love the view driving down Quincy, where you can see Red Rocks and the Mountains. I like that sometimes the musical mood is some indie rap and other time it is something more downtempo.

But through all of these things, one constant is the music. Even as I sit here, writing this blog, I am listening to music. Those who don't know the words, or who don't take the time to listen to the words, are truly missing out. Even in the poppiest and most benign of songs, there are some awesome lyrics to listen to.

These are a few of my favorites:

  • Well, that's where I belong and you belong with me
    -Swallowed in the Sea by Coldplay
    I just imagine someone saying this to me someday... or me saying this to someone.
  • But it was not your fault but mine
    And it was your heart on the line
    I really fucked it up this time
    Didn't I, my dear?
    -Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons
    Oh the truth in this one. You have to appreciate honesty like this.
  • Happiness hit her like a train on a track
    -Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine
    I imagine that someday I will just be so happy that it will hit me like a train.
  • And it's easy for me
    And it's better for the soul
    And it's better for you
    And it's better for all
    -Pull My Heart Away by Jack Penate
    Making the decision to leave is hard, but ultimately its so much better for everyone.
  • Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain
    -Two Step by Dave Matthews Band
    Goodness, how could you NOT like this line? How amazing is it to think how incredible this life is? Why would you not want to celebrate being alive?
  •  Love's just a waste of our energy
    And this life's just a waste of our time
    -Wasting Time by Jack Johnson
    I love a little sarcasm in my mix.
And with that, I shall move on. In the end, music is what you make it, I think. And in this moment, I have chosen it to mean something to me. I feel moved, touched, understood when I hear certain songs.

And so it begins...

Today began my descent into workout town and eating better. It is convenient that lent is right around the corner, since giving up meat causes me to be more conscience of what I am eating. I love the feeling of my body after I work out. Its great. I have made the reasonable goal of losing 25 pounds before June 4. That is less than 2 pounds a week. Also, I have decided that I am going to work out 5 days a week as well. I don't want to drink often anymore. I want to detox and become a generally happier me. Wish me luck!


My Dream Room

Next year I am moving into a house where I can paint my room. AND I have to buy furniture. So I have been perusing to try to find a room that I may want to have and I found this.

 I love the colors. I mean... its a nursery. But could be translated into a room for me. I am so down :)

Now to just find the perfect accessories...

Today is a new day...

Today is the day that I embrace my life and all of the things that it can offer. I have always been the person who sits back and just waits to see where life can take me. It is time that I attack it all head on. 

Things I want to accomplish before June:
1. Lose 30 pounds
2. Swim more (I used to do it so much. What a great escape)
3. Make time for hiking and outdoors
4. Learn yoga
5. Learn how to love running
6. Find some awesome recipes
7. Try new food
8. Find my style and get clothes that match that
9. Learn to budget
10. Pay back my dad while making enough money for a computer but also saving to pay off my loan
11. Get a KILLER tan
12. Become friends with some new people
13. Work on not procrastinating
14. Plan some incredible events for my house
I am sure that there is so much more that I should accomplish, but I feel like these are what I really want to focus on. I want to blog about how I am losing weight, how it is going, and keeping myself accountable for what my body is doing.

All of my friends assure me that losing weight is unnecessary, however between getting my gall bladder removed and having a doctor tell me that my BMI is too high, I finally need to get it in gear. Going from being a competitive athlete to completely sedentary ruined me. Granted, I have never been teeny, but I was toned and not flabby. But going to college changed all of that. 

I have begun weight watchers and am looking to learn to eat better and to shift my priorities.

Here they are:
TIME FOR ME (Not resting time but time to better myself. Taking time to wash my face before bed, do my hair, do my laundry, go to the gym, go for a run)
SCHOOL (I mean they are kind of tied for first...)

Right now my priorities are a little vague, but they definitely aren't that way. School is always around but never really a priority. Work is low on my list. My sorority is what I spend the most time doing, but I really just never make time to better myself. I take time to watch tv and lie down and do nothing, but I really need to take time to go to the gym and go running and do things that will make me better.

I heard a guest speaker recently that said that we, as a society, HAVE, DO, BE. We have to have the things we want before we can do the things we want to do so we can be the things we want to be. However, I want to learn to BE, DO, HAVE. I want to be skinnier, more confident, happier so then I can do the things I want and have all of the happiness in the world. 

So this is where I am starting. Wish me luck :)