The definition of me...

I believe
  • In driving with the windows down
  • In appreciating the little things, like open windows
  • In painting your nails all sorts of colors
  • That baking can cure a bad day
  • That nothing beats the smell and sound of Starbucks
  • That you have to have the cold days to appreciate the warm ones
  • That everyone looks better with a tan
  • In having a favorite pair of shoes and wearing them. Everyday. (My are my rainbows. How could I resist the way the fit my feet?)
  • That getting stuff accomplished in the day deserves a reward
  • In having nights where you hang out with your friends and don't do anything fantastic.
  • That being busy is so much better than being bored
  • That blondes really DO have more fun (I have proof of this too. I am much more fun as a blonde than as a brunette)
  • In walking my puppy and teaching him to love the watet
  • That swimming is the only workout where I can take time to only think about what I am doing right then and there
  • That the human body is AMAZING. (Don't believe me? Take a course in immunology. It is not a coincidence that we are made the way we are)
  • That a photograph can speak volumes, especially film photography
I love Jose Villa so much.

And with that, I leave you.

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