So Today...

I figure I should probably give some background on myself

  • I am a 21 year old 
  • I am studying Integrative Physiology in Boulder
  • I want to be in the medical field. To be exact, I really want to be a doctor, but I am going to have to take a roundabout way to get there.
  • I love the sunshine and warmth
  • I love to drive my car
  • I lifeguard to make some extra cash 
  • I love water 
  • I went from a 9 practice a week swimmer to doing absolutely nothing when I got to college
  • I love nail polish
  • and weddings
  • and magazines
  • and blogs
  • and photography
  • I watch Jersey Shore religiously. and Top Chef.
  • In my fake life I would like to work at Starbucks and live in a cute little apartment somewhere near the water, but thats not really very conducive to the luxurious lifestyle I also hope to lead someday.
  • I enjoy going out but....
  • I also enjoy staying in.
  • I am a morning person.
  • I love my sisters!

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